Our Team


“Looking for the misfit in everything and wondering how it will change our world.”

I have deep knowledge in pharmaceutical manufacturing in Asia, consumer products manufactering and marketing, & business development for startups.

I’m an avid player of Go, a lifelong gaming enthusiast, an eagle scout, and  enjoy the pursuit of exploring the unknown and the world of investing for the past 15 plus years as an investor and entrepreneur.

“Strive for success, but live for people.”

I like to help early stage startups think through best courses of action to minimize risk and achieve growth. I’m also keen on helping connect them with resources that will help them succeed. 

My background is in technology and policy with an emphasis in AI. I received my PhD in CS, worked for RAND Corporation for a number of years, and co-founded my own tech startup. My work has allowed me to dabble in many sectors.

I’m PADI certified, an avid traveler, and have spent sigificant time on the west coast, east coast, and in the mid-west of the US giving me broad perspective on different lifestyles and communities. I’m also a poker enthuisiast where I gained my first lessons on risk management.

“Be humble, stay hungry.”

My background is in biotech and management consulting, where I primarily focused on project management and change management. My consulting experience has given me specific exposure and experience in healthcare and consumer products.

I am a PMP-certified project manager, as that is where the bulk of my professional experience lies. I also hold the ADKAR certification for change management. In general, I have a real interest and passion in helping bring innovative and inspiring products to the world, particularly where technology and consumer products intersect.