Investment Philosophy



Services and products addressing sustainability and efficiency, particularly when it comes to agriculture. We are interested in startups who are changing the world through reducing waste, improving energy efficiency, and creating systems that are self-sustaining.


Services and products that will be purchased by individuals rather than businesses. We are especially excited about startups who are addressing the needs of tomorrow’s consumer, staying ahead of shifting values while addressing demographic and resources shifts.


Offerings that solve for an autonomous future through learning, prediction, and recognition. We are looking for startups that are shifting the paradigm and status quo, by rethinking industries, enterprises, and technologies.


Our roots are in angel investing, and we remain focused on the pre-seed and early seed opportunities. The risks may be higher, but we believe the opportunities are greater too. By investing early, we are able to place bets on the misfits and visionaries of the world, and provide a higher level of service to nurture these ideas to fruition. With this same philosophy, we will look at opportunities in the early startup phase as well. 


Since we target the pre-seed and seed stages, most of our investments are in the $10k – $25k range. This allows us to both take chances on unproven concepts and preserves our ability to invest in follow-on rounds for our portfolio companies. 


Our target investment cycle is 24-36 months. Great ideas take time to grow, and our aim is to develop our portfolio companies to the point that they are up and running on their own. That being said, as with our investment sizes, all opportunities are considered on a case-by-case basis, and we look to have an overall balanced portfolio.